Award-winning system, coordinated with press wholesalers, with state-of-the-art shelves, state-of-the-art LED lighting and current occupancy plans.


Appetizing and easily accessible: On our waves and stairs, your fresh fruit and vegetable assortment is visually appealing and within easy reach.


In order to optimally present your goods in the drugstore, use the articles from our wide range of products.

Pro Pusher

Pro Pusher stands for: food hygiene safe product, full product presentation, gain up to one more product row.

Self Service Meat

Numerous presentation aids for the best representation of your products in the refrigerated shelf. You have the choice which system suits best for you.

Range Guidance System

Guide your customers to the goods they are looking for with well directed signs: whether standing or hanging, made of acrylic or wood, they provide easy orientation.

Range Shelf space optimization

Clear and tidy, the goods easily accessible. We contribute to a pleasant shopping atmosphere and increase sales at PoS.

Range Stand-up display

Highest quality attention is paid for food in the service counter. That is why we only use food-safe raw materials for the bar price labeling.

Range presentation help

Supportive products to represent your goods even better – whether in the refrigerated shelf or dry food range – we have the right thing for you!