Werba Plast GmbH is a dynamic medium-sized company, headquartered in Rosstal near Nuremberg. Founded in 2003, we have become one of the leading manufacturers of industrial goods for the retail trade.

Through long-lasting and satisfied customer relationships, we have managed to establish ourselves as a renowned company in the market. Quality, know-how, reliability and innovative ideas are the engine of our success.

The six pillars

of our values

Sustainable performance

We achieve our desired success through targeted, individual development and support of our employees according to their talents and performances. By weighing up opportunities and risks, we support entrepreneurial thinking.


For better ideas and balanced decisions, we rely on our team. The basis for our cooperation is respect and trust across all areas. We take our responsibility seriously and work together in a spirit of partnership and responsibility in all areas.


We handle our company, its resources and materials carefully. We always think and act in the interests of the company. We adhere to our rules without any ifs and buts and stand by our promises. Everything we do, we do as well as possible in the first attempt and thereby achieve the greatest possible success. By weighing up opportunities and risks, we support entrepreneurial thinking.

Customer focus

We gain the trust of our customers by putting them at the center of our actions. Since we understand their needs and fulfill them in the best possible way, we create tangible and measurable added value for our customers. We want to be partners for our customers.


We speak openly. We promote, express and respect constructive criticism. We always focus on the highest possible match between our own ideals and values and actual life practice. We do what is right and not only legally allowed.


We encourage the curiosity of our employees as they are the basis of all ideas and inventions for our economic implementation. We help our customers to succeed by seeking and finding suitable solutions for their requirements and wishes. We continuously
improve our processes and the tools we provide our employees with.